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Found Audio Of Bevins' First Play By Play

The first weekend of 2013 marks the 40th year of WVOW's Larry "Speedy" Bevins broadcasting Logan High School basketball games. Over the holidays Speedy's father found a cassette tape with the very first game he did play by play for WVOW and the Wildcats.


What makes the tape interesting are the players involved in a Logan, Scott game that was played at Scott on January 5th, 1973.


At the time Scott was more simply known as "Madison High School".


The Madison starting lineup featured their leading scorer Ron Stollings, who is now State Senator, Dr. Ron Stollings and their top rebounder was "Gus" Shaffer who now is recognized as attorney Chip Shaffer of Shaffer and Shaffer.


In the Logan lineup that evening was Charlie Piccarillo, who is now a partner in the Shaffer and Shaffer law office. Also starting were Greg Wooten, Ross Scaggs, now the coach at Huntington St Joe ,and WVOW's own Howard Jemierson. The recording is about 15 minutes and the quality is of course that of cassette quality in 1973.


Joining Speedy on the game was Brian Michaels who was a WVOW on air announcer at that time.


You can hear the game by clicking here…


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