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CBS Radio News

Richard Ojeda To Run For Congress


The first day to file to run for office in the May Primary Election in West Virginia was yesterday.  A Logan County man has decided to challenge Congressman Nick Rahall for the Democrat nomination for the 3rd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Major Richard Ojeda says he is running because he sees problems with the home he loves.


“I’ve been back for a couple of years now.  I always wanted to come back here.  I wanted to raise my family here.  I could have gone anywhere, but I chose to build my home here.  I see a lot of things that have gotten worse and some things that have to be better,” Ojeda said.


Ojeda says it’s time for everyday people to make a stand.


“This country doesn’t have to be run by multi-millionaires,” Ojeda said.  “There is nothing wrong with people who have become millionaires, but there is nothing wrong with the common person running and winning an election and having the idea and fortitude to make the needed changes.  I hope more common people will stand up at all levels of government.  These lifetime politicians have set it up to where they have almost no accountability.” 


He says he will build a team to insure he is making the right calls.


“I will not make a decision about coal, for example, without talking to coal miners and people who feed their families from coal,” Ojeda said.  “People can look at me and think I don’t know how Washington works.  Well, I will surround myself with people who do know.”


Ojeda says that economic prosperity is possible in southern West Virginia.


“There is no reason opportunity and business and industry can’t be located here.  There is no reason.  They can say it’s because we have mountain terrain.  We’ve cut the tops off of mountains and built any number of things there.  There is no reason we can’t have factories, businesses, and other economic concerns here.  We can put rehab centers in that will help with people who have fallen victim to addiction and other needed businesses and all of these things bring in jobs,” Ojeda said.


The primary is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13th.


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