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Power Outage Safety

With winter storms approaching, power outages are almost inevitable. 


If you experience a power outage, remember to unplug any major appliances to protect them when the power comes back on.  It is a good idea to leave a light on so you know when power is restored.


Only refuel heaters, lamps and generators outdoors.  Make sure to stay away from any flames or sparks and wipe up fuel spills immediately.


Make sure you have proper ventilation when operating heaters, lanterns and fuel-fired stoves.


NEVER burn charcoal indoors.  It releases poisonous carbon monoxide, which has no odor and may not be recognized without a carbon monoxide detector.


Be careful with candles or oil lamps. Keep them out of the way of children.


If you are using a generator, make sure to let your power company know.  This keeps you and line workers out of harm’s way.



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