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CBS Radio News

Town Of Chapmanville Hires Legal Representation To Take On Drug Distributors


The town of Chapmanville has hired attorneys to challenge drug distributors in court.  

Owen Wells of The Logan Banner reports that during the regular meeting of the Town Council Monday, councilors voted to hire attorneys to represent them in a case against drug distributors.

Many other government bodies throughout West Virginia have also signed on to sue drug distributors.

The town of Chapmanville will join the list of places filing suit against drug distributors including Logan County Commission, The McDowell County Commission, the town of Welch and the town of Kermit.

 When the Logan County Commission filed suit, they cited numbers saying 35 million prescription pain pills had been shipped to Logan County between 2007 and 2012 — enough for every person in the county to have each consumed around 950 prescription pail pills during that time period.

Like other government bodies involved in the suits, the Logan County Commission said the drug problem had created a public nuisance in the community.

Chapmanville Mayor Raamie Barker noted the town would hire the Chafin Law Firm to represent them in the matter.

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