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Kenny Jeffrey State Farm Insurance brings DUI Simulator to Man High School

On Friday, February 10, 2012, Kenny Jeffrey State Farm Insurance brought a DUI Simulator to the students at Man High School.  This simulator allowed students to safely see the effects of drinking and driving.  When a student got behind the wheel of the simulator, through machinery that slowed response times down for steering and braking and video that replicated an icy, mountainous road, they saw how much slower their response times were as their simulated blood alcohol content (BAC) increased.  This was a great service provided to the students of Man High School by Kenny Jeffrey's State Farm Insurance.

  • 1. DUI Simulator
  • 2. Man High Student #1
  • 3. Man High Student #2
  • 4. Kenny Jeffrey & Dave Allen
  • 5. Lee Ann Canterbury, Kenny Jeffrey, Kim Vance
  • 6. Dave Allen in the Simulator
  • 7. Dave Allen in the Simulator

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