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CBS Radio News

Jay Nunley

Jay Nunley

Jay Nunley started his radio career at WVOW while a sophomore at Logan High School in 1985.  Upon graduation he did radio work all over the country including Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut, South Carolina, and closer to home in both Charleston and Huntington.  He came home to WVOW in August 2010.


Tell us when and why you and your family came to Logan?
My ancestors probably got here not long after the Civil War.  More recently, my parents (Ken and Carol Nunley) came back to Logan after a short stay in Florida in the late 60s.  Dad worked for Firestone and National Bank of Logan before working for Logan General Hospital for 30+ years.  Mom worked for the Logan Banner briefly before becoming a nurse at Logan General for almost 30 years and is still a nurse at Saint Francis hospital in Charleston.  We lived briefly in Holden, Switzer, and Barnabus for short stints before we built a house at Cow Creek in 1975.  I was five, so I played a limited role in building the house.
How would you describe your personal philosophy/worldview?
I’m sure you’ve heard of, “No Pain, No Gain.”  Mine is, “No Pain, No Pain.”
What do you do for recreation?
Many things, most of which involve sitting down in the most comfortable chair I can find.
Give us an inside fact about yourself.
I was once the Movie Phone and Weather Line guy in Peoria, Illinois.
How do you feel you've contributed to the betterment of Logan County?
I left for 22 years.  Wait, I came back.  I guess that sort of mitigates my contribution.
What has changed the most in Logan from the time you started at WVOW until today?
All of my high school classmates have become adults… well, sort of.

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