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Chris Kidd

Chris Kidd

Chris Kidd is a sports broadcaster at WVOW, a 9th grade World History teacher at Chapmanville Regional High School, and has started a summer youth tennis league in Chapmanville for area kids. Chris has worked as a sports announcer at WVOW since December of 2006 and has announced football, basketball, baseball, and little league for the Logan, Man and Chapmanville area, as well as teaming with James Barker for Wildcat Countdown.   Chris loves his broadcasting, teaching and coaching jobs more than anything because of the people and kids he gets to work with and the fun he has doing them. He considers himself extremely lucky to have the careers he currently has. Chris's parents are Danny Kidd, who is the manager of United Central Supply Company in Chapmanville, and Deborah Miller, who is a 2nd grade teacher at Justice Elementary School. Chris also has three sisters and one brother. Amber Kidd is a Family Nurse Practicioner at Coalfield Health Center in Chapmanville. Mariah Miller is starting her second year of college at Marshall University and SWVCTC. Emily Perry is currently entering her first year of college at SWVCTC, and his younger brother Bryan Kidd, who Chris says is his best friend and the person responible for turning his life around and giving him the great outlook he has on life right now, is the manager of the Morgantown branch for the company American Income Life. Chris graduated from Logan High School in 2002, and graduated from Marshall University in 2008 with a Journalism degree after working at WMUL radio for two years. He is currently single and lives in Logan.

Your are known as being a little OCD on game prep.  Why haven't you applied for the job as Sports Information Director at the University of Logan High?
I think the OCD thing is overstated.  Just because I talk about Harry Kirk always ties a double windsor knot with his ties, or that Harvey Arms sharpens his pencils with the Hunt EPI 1800 electric pencil sharpener, I really don't see that as OCD research. As for the job, well, I'm a Chapmanville Tiger for as long as they will have me. As long as they are writing the checks that's who I gravitate toward. I'm that loyal.
What's the one question you have always wanted to ask Logan High Coach Mark Hatcher but haven't yet?
Wow, I don't think there's anything I haven't asked Mark by this point. I've known him for 14 years, first as a student and now professionally and Mark is always really great about giving me his time, being candid and having a fun personality. He will typically answer just about anything. I said I've known him for 14 years, so that means I also knew him when he didn't have gray hair...which happened pretty fast. I'd like to ask Mark what I can do to avoid this from happening so I can keep my Samson like, Greek God hair in tact? You'll know if I ever do ask this because I'll be the guy with a headset jammed into my mouth.
Did your dad really used to do commercials here, doing celebrity impersonations?
Yes, as a matter of fact he did. I believe Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell were his most famous in the 70's. My dad is a wonderful man and has given me more than I ever deserve, but I still say his best radio moment happened in 2009. I brought him on to call the second half of a Man vs. Greenbrier West basketball game with me.

Justin  Turner vs. Chris Kidd in a tennis death match...who wins?
This happened about 5 years ago. Justin and I played in the Logan Arts and Crafts tennis tournament on a 103 degree day, and on the court it was close to 110 degrees. Well at that time I weighed 365 pounds and Justin was playing in college. Despite the fact that I nearly suffered heat stroke I still won in 3 sets. This was part of the reason I decided to start taking my health and weight more seriously. Sorry Justin, but if you couldn't get me in this condition, you're never going to get me, haha.

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