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Mike Cornell

Mike Cornell

I can't believe I got my dream radio job.  I get to work with an excellent team in a tight-knit, friendly community with no corporate suits to answer to.  If this is a dream, no-body wake me!  I'm an Army brat who moved around a lot when I was a kid.  My two favorite places I've lived were Panama, where I got to run wild in the jungle, and Germany, where I learned the language well enough to understand the bad guys in those World War II movies without looking at the subtitles.  I got into radio when I was a pretty boy college puke and some girl I liked said I had a nice voice.

My nickname is Mikey (Yeah, from that kid in the cereal commercial.  I hated it once but now I like it.)  I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia.  My favorite band is Men at Work.  My favorite film is "Goodfellas" (I'm a clown.  I amuse you!).  My favorite concert was some cover band that was so good they kept me from driving home in an intoxicated state.  My favorite TV shows are "The Americans" and "19 Kids and Counting".  My favorite vacation spot is the Great Smokey Mountains.  My favorite food is Mexican.  If I could hang out with anyone in the past it would be Robert E. Lee so I could tell him to not go up the middle at Gettysburg.  And, my number one thing on my bucket list is to save a rich, young, beautiful widow's life.

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